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1. CUSTOM -- We do not use fill-in-the-blanks "canned" forms; these are attorney-quality, state specific estate planning documents.


2. COMPLETE -- Our packages include all of the necessary state-specific documents you need to create an effective and legal estate plan. Scroll below for links to information about the specific documents.

3. PERSONALIZED SERVICE -- Our is not an automated service.  We personally input your information into your documents.  After completion, we personally go over them to check for errors.  Next, we attach your first drafts to an email and send them to you (with definitions, explanations and instructions) to review.  If you find typos or other errors -- or if you just change your mind -- we will make corrections and send revised drafts for a second review before mailing your final package.  If you have any questions we will answer them by phone or email -- before, during and even after the process!


4. PRICED RIGHT -- Our prices include everything you need to protect your relationship and your rights. There is no better service available for any price!


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Living Trust

Living Trust

Last Will

Last Will

Children's Docs

Children's docs



Gay and Lesbian Partnership Agreement


Individual Docs - sperm donor - guardianship

Advance Directves

Gay and Lesbian Living Will Health Care Proxy DPOA  




Custom made Gay Legal Documents


Gay and Lesbian Deeds

Supporting Docs

Gay and Lesbian Letters and Legal Documents  


  *The links above represent the major documents.  Other documents included in the packages are described in Supporting Docs. - the best dating site for gay, queer, homosexual friends and loves!


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We need your support to continue to provide FREE Advance Directives (Living Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney & Financial Powers of Attorney) to every lesbian and gay family who needs  access to legal rights and protections.  Please send a check or money order to Rainbow Law, RR1 Box 266C, Wallace, WV 26448, or donate online by clicking on the donation button below: We appreciate your support for our service! the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

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Do you want easy to understand information about Gay and Lesbian Relationship and Estate Planning? Are you looking for ways to protect your relationship, your family or your own rights with a legal document package?  Just need to ask someone a question? Would you like a copy of  the Rainbow Law Estate Planning Workbook?

Browse through our FAQ's or get your own FREE Advance Directives (Advance Directives are Living Wills and Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney).






Invite us to speak!  We would love to speak to your organization or group.  We present an enlightening and heart-felt presentation on the long-ranging social impact of families who are often forced to live in the shadows -- as second-class American citizens. As an added bonus, you are invited to show our film Lesbian Grandmothers from MARS: One Couple's Journey for Marriage Equality, which documents our 3800 mile, cross-country bicycle ride to advocate for LGBTQ justice and equality.





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