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About Rainbow Law


We've been providing legal protections and Estate Planning information to and for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual and questioning) community since 1993.








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Four years ago we began offering FREE Advance Directives (Living Wills and Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney), any LGBTQ person who requests them.  The Advance Directives are created according to the laws of each person's state of residence.  In 2007 we donated thousands of Advance Directives to our community with a monetary value of more than $500,000!

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Rainbow Law's mission is to provide education, information and access to vital legal protections to help you care for your loved ones. - the best bisexual dating site!



 We are not a law office -- we do not practice law and we do not give legal advice.  Carrie has a J.D. (a law degree) with over 12 years experience in the area of LGBTQ Relationship and Estate Planning.  Elisia is a respiratory therapist, registered nurse, and paralegal with more than 6 years working in the area of LGBTQ Relationship and Estate Planning.

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About Elisia & Carrie -- a.k.a. 'The Rainbow Grannies'





We are Carrie Ross-Stone, J.D., & Elisia Ross-Stone, R.N., lesbian partners and founders of Rainbow Law Corporation, an LGBTQ advocacy, information and education service.

Including Elisia's parents, our family consists of the two of us, our three grown children -- Colin, Kylie and Katie, our son-in-law Darren, two grandchildren, Jareth and Eowyn and of course, our dogs, Zelda and Rudy. 

Elisia (L) &  Carrie (R)


  Grandson Jareth, 5 years Granddaughter Eowyn, 3 years  


As the controversy over LGBTQ equality rages on, we are determined to raise awareness about our families rights to be treated equally, with all the dignity and respect granted to other American citizens. the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!


Our goal is  to expose the true motives of the leaders of the anti-equality movement.  We believe they inflame and encourage fear and hatred of gay men and lesbians for several reasons. 





First, fear is a proven method for amassing large sums of money from innocent dupes who donate their hard-earned dollars to fund the 'war' against 'gay marriage'  -- which they are told is a terrible threat to the 'American family.'


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Second, history has shown that creating an easy and powerless scapegoat is a most effective tool for distracting attention away from real and pressing socio-political ills -- such as poverty, pollution, lack of health care, war, scandal, corruption and the like. 

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These age-old tricks often back-fire on their proponents when people are made aware that they are being deceived. 

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As activists, we not only provide the services of Rainbow Law, we also make personal appearances at public events to speak about our own experiences as individuals, as a couple, as parents and grandparents trying to raise a family in a world without legal rights and recognition.




In 2003 and 2004 we rode our bicycles across America to meet with people face to face to tell our story and raise awareness about the need for legal protections for LGBTQ families.


A film called 'Lesbian Grandmothers from Mars: One Couple's Journey for Marriage Equality' documents our experience on the 2004 ride which happened over the summer before the last presidential election. You can watch the film's trailer here.


We hope you will take time to browse through Rainbow Law and send us your insights, thoughts and ideas.

Elisia & Carrie - The best place in the world for lesbian singles!

When you call or write to Rainbow Law, you communicate directly with us.  We do not have a staff, no publicity person, no ad agency. 





On the Rainbow Ride Across America, we really rode those bicyclesWhen we publish our newsletter, RainbowZine, we start at 5:00 am, every day, gathering the news that is relevant to your family. When we create your documents we are sitting at the computer answering your questions and typing your information.






OUT Magazine recognized our efforts by presenting us with the OUT 100 Award for our contribution to LGBTQ society and culture.  More recently, we were names "Incredible Parents" by And Baby MagazineCurve Magazine rated Rainbow Law's service as "excellent."  Our web site and services have been recommended by LOGO TV, Lesbian Connection, Girlfriends,  The Advocate and more.










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