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FREE Advance Directives include a Living Will and Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney.  Each state has its own version of these documents and Rainbow Law will send you Advance Directives that comply with your State's law!










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These are not fill in the blank forms. These are attorney-quality, state specific documents which we complete and send to you as an attachment to an email.  It takes time to make these documents and we appreciate your patience knowing we will get them to you within 24 hours of your order!

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What legal rights and protections DO the FREE Advance Directives provide?




Advance Directives DO:

Advance Directives DO NOT:




The powers granted by these documents die when you die.

DO provide the right to make medical decisions for each other if and when one of you becomes disabled, injured or ill and is no longer able to speak for yourself;

DO give your partner the right to make financial decisions (pay bills, make withdrawals and deposits, sell property, etc) for each other if and when one of you becomes disabled, injured or ill and is no longer able to manage your own affairs.

DO allow you and your partner to visit one another in any area of the hospital if and when one of you is hospitalized.

DO authorize you and/or your partner to decide who is allowed in the hospital room.



X They DO NOT grant you or your partner the right to inherit each otherís property.

X They DO NOT provide you with the right to have any say whatsoever over the disposition of your partners remains Ė that is, you will not be able to decide whether or not to bury or cremate your partners body, where your partner will be laid to rest or who will get to keep your partners ashes.

X They DO NOT give you rights to organize a memorial service, publish a death notice or make funeral arrangements.

X They DO NOT protect your property rights if you break up. Any disputes between you would become a swearing match because there are no laws that protect your rights as a couple to divide property equitably.

X They DO NOT protect your rights to parent your partnerís child if your partner dies while the child is a minor.

X They DO NOT protect your right to child visitation and/or custody in the event of a break-up.

X They DO NOT give you the right to collect child support from your partner.

The rights, benefits and protections listed in the DO NOT column may be obtained by creating Estate Planning documents like a Living Revocable Trust, Last Will and Testament, Living Together Agreement, Parenting Agreement, Nomination of Guardian for a Minor Child, etc.




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We need  your help to continue the FREE Document Service!

The value of FREE Advance Directives made exceeds $500,000   


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We need your donation and your support to help us provide free and affordable legal documents such as living wills, durable powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, and estate planning documents like living trusts and last will and testaments to the gay, lesbian, queer, transgendered, transsexual and questioning (LGBTQ) community.  Your donation also supports our fight for  gay marriage, gay rights, equal rights, civil rights and/or marriage equality.