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Because most gay and lesbian couples have no automatic legal rights to protect their relationships, we must create written contacts now -- while we still bask in the glow of our mutual love and affection.  After all, we are only human -- and thus, when our hearts are broken things can get mighty nasty!







Living Together/Partnership Agreement

Parenting Agreement

The Agreements we are referring to here include a Living Together (or Partnership) Agreement and a Parenting Agreement.  Both of these documents are included in the Deluxe Living Trust Package and the Deluxe Will Package.  You may also purchase them separately as part of the Individual Document Group 'B.' Click on the Agreement Title, below to read more about it:

Regardless of age, we all need to put our wishes in writing!

Known variously as relationship, partnership, or living together agreements or contracts, the practical purpose is to put into writing the expectations of both partners to prevent potential misunderstandings or disputes.



Negotiating through the terms of this particular contract may be difficult because it can sometimes bring up complex and sensitive issues that the two of you have been avoiding, it is well worth the work.  Hang in there!






No agreement can provide social security benefits for a widowed partner, or any other benefit deriving from legal marriage. However, a relationship agreement, like a prenuptial agreement, can be tailored to fit your individual situation and needs, especially regarding property ownership. For instance, it can allow for:


  • Total separation of money and property.

  • Total merger of money and property. 

  • Holding some property separately and some jointly.

  • You decide the terms that best suit your particular situation and we will draft your Agreement so that it complies.


For example, your agreement can:



  • Clarify ownership of property owned before living together, bought during the relationship, or inherited or received by gift during the relationship.

  • Establish how household expenses are to be paid.

  • Provide guidance for dividing property in the event of separation.

  • Allow for a cooling off period, or counseling, if a conflict threatens to drive you apart.

  • Specify a dispute resolution mechanism, such as arbitration or mediation, to avoid the slow, costly process of litigation.



The Living Together Agreement is included in the Deluxe Living Trust Package and Deluxe Will Package at no extra charge.  It may also be purchased as an Individual Group 'B' Document for a cost of $50.00.




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Parenting Agreements:


These days, lots of lesbian and gay couples are choosing to have children.  Regardless of your status as a legal parent to your child, chances are you will - or have already - established a parental bond that you wish to protect -- especially in case you and your partner break-up.  There is nothing worse than watching a child suffer as parents use a lack of legal rights to punish partners by whom they have been hurt!



Parenting Agreements are highly recommended -- not only as a potential way to prevent expensive disputes between co-parents -- but also to minimize the likelihood that a family member will succeed in removing a child from a non-legal co-parent. 




And parenting agreements are beneficial even when you are in the planning phase -- before your child is born or adopted.


Who says we don't make excellent parents?




We have created a worksheet to help you work through the details of your agreement.  It is not necessary that you do this but it certainly can't hurt.  The worksheet will help you put together a parenting plan that meets the needs of your children so that you may continue to parent them together even if you choose to live apart from one another. We will use your responses to draft an agreement that is specific to your family and the laws in your state. The worksheet is also included in the Rainbow Law Estate Planning Workbook



The Parenting Agreement is included in the Deluxe Living Trust Package, Deluxe Will Package and the Documents for Children Package at no extra charge.  It may also be purchased as an Individual Group 'B' Document for a cost of $50.00.





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