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Lesbian and Gay Estate Planning




What the heck IS an Estate anyway?

Is it a mansion?  Stocks, bonds, real estate holdings?  What if we don't HAVE all that stuff?


Your "Estate" is just the stuff you own!







We would be happy to schedule a free, mini Estate Planning workshop -- on the phone -- to answer your questions and explain all of this in plain English!

During your lifetime,  you sell your stuff at a garage sale...

  When you die, someone else sells it at an "Estate Sale."   

In other words, your 'Estate' is just a fancy word to call your "stuff."

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gay and lesbian estate planning

You need an Estate Plan whether or not you are wealthy.  If you do not put your wishes in writing before you become disabled or die, your blood relatives will have ALL of the decision making rights over your medical treatment AND they will have all of the rights to inherit your Estate.

gay toaster oven


A Mansion and a Rolls does not equal an estate!

In other words your partner will be SOL!


If all you own is the toaster-oven you received as a coming out gift -- then THAT is your estate! - the best dating site for gay, queer, homosexual friends and loves!


Even if it seems overwhelming to think about now, just imagine how your partner will feel if you do not take care of this vitally important issue! the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site! - the best bisexual dating site!

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  • YOU decide who will inherit your stuff when you die

  • YOU appoint someone to make medical and financial decision for you when you become disabled

  • YOU get to say who will raise your minor children

  • YOU determine who has the right to visit you in the hospital

  • YOU say who gets to decide what happens to your body after you die

  • YOU plan your funeral and memorial service

  • YOU tell your doctors what medical treatment you want if there is no hope of recovery



Because the law does not recognize your relationships YOU must create rights to protect your loved ones!


If you do not decide these things for yourself, your biological family or the courts will make these decisions for you!



Find out more about the various legal documents included in Rainbow Law legal document Packages!




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Estate planning for gay men and lesbians is vital to our ability to protect our loved ones.  A gay will and lesbian will are really no different that other wills except they take into consideration that our relationships are not legally recognized.  A living trust will protect your partners rights as it allows the partner to take control of assets without a court order and outside of probate.  Written directives allow you to decide so that decisions will not be made by your biological family who may not recognize your relationship.  In this way they help to protect your loved ones, give you rights to decide about your medical treatment, hospital visitation, your funeral, and memorial service, who will raise children, appoint a guardian. contract with a sperm donor, and inherit property.





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