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Legal Documents to Protect Your Relationship, Your Family and Your Rights!



Rainbow Law has a package that is right for your family.  Whether you are single, have children, or you and your partner live in separate residences -- even separate states, our document packages will protect your loved ones. 


Each Package includes essential Estate Planning Documents to protect your right (and your Partner's right) to decide who will make who will manage your finances when you become incapacitated and who will have the right to inherit your property when you die.







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Estate Planning documents are your Last Will and Testament and Living Revocable Trust.  These documents work together to create essential rights for gays and lesbians. They provide you with the opportunity to make your partner the beneficiary of your estate.  se rights include the right to name your partner inherit assets and property, y also let you make your wishes known regarding vitally important issues like the disposition of your remains and about your funeral and/or memorial service. 


All of our Packages include Advance Directives -- providing you with the right to make choices about your end-of-life medical treatment.  The Advance Directives included in our packages include a hospital visitation clause so that your health care agent will have the right to visit you in any area of the hospital.  






Included in every package are all of the supporting documentation you need to complete your estate plan.  For example, if you own real property, you will be provided with deeds.  Your package includes Letters of Intent, Acceptance, Revocation and Resignation documents and more.





If you live together with your partner you may purchase a package that includes a Partnership or Living Together Agreement.   If you have children or are planning to have them in the future you may want a package that includes documents like a Parenting Agreement, Authorization to Consent to the Medical Treatment of a Minor Child and a Nomination of Guardian.  If you are planning to have children in the future you may want a Donor Insemination Agreement.


Whatever package you choose, your documents will be drafted with care and they will reflect the laws of the state where you live.


We receive more than FIFTY FREE DOCUMENT  requests every day!


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The value of FREE Advance Directives made exceeds $500,000   





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Legal documents include gay wills, gay trusts and other gay legal documents.  The documents help to protect gay and lesbian rights, gay legal rights even though better protections would result from gay marriage. These documents are designed exclusively for gay men, lesbians, transgendered and transsexual persons, people who identify as queer, homosexual or have an alternative family and/or lifestyle. These documents are not the same as civil unions, domestic partner agreements, marriage equality, etc., but are the best our community can do to protect our loved ones.  Advance directives include living wills, durable powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney and estate planning documents include living trusts and last will and testaments.