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Equal Rights



Gay and Lesbian Americans deserve to be treated equally under the law.  Period.

When we make a commitment to our partner and children, we need the same legal rights, benefits and responsibilities granted to other families to protect and care for one another.

We do not want 'GAY' marriage!

We want and need the same marriage rights that are granted to every other American Citizen!  












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Why Call it 'Marriage?'



Hone your Debating Skills: Get Marriage Equality Talking Points!


We believe it is important that we use the word 'marriage' to define our legally recognized unions.  We feel this way for several reasons: First -- marriage is a civil right that has been granted to all Americans except gay and lesbian citizens.  To call our unions anything less than marriage creates a separate class of 'homosexual' citizens that are not quite up to par with ordinary 'heterosexual' citizens.

The Supreme Court (in Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education, 1954) held that a 'separate but equal' classification is unconstitutional.  We maintain that to settle for less than full equality is to implicitly support society's improper disdain for gay and lesbian families.

More importantly, we believe that by acquiescing to a less-than-equal status, we aid and abet the opposition whose intolerance and ignorance hurt and stigmatize gay and lesbian youth as well as the children of gay and lesbian parents.



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What You Can Do to Support Equal Rights

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  • Volunteer with or donate to a local group working for LGBTQ Equality -- Check our online directory for an organization near you! 

  • Donate to Rainbow Law to enable us to continue the vital services and legal protections we provide to the community.

  • Be visible to your friends, family, co-workers and community.  You and your family are the best ambassadors to the truth.  Read through some talking points to learn how to answer questions and respond to common objections to LGBTQ equality. the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!
  Invite Carrie and Elisia to speak at your event! Organize a showing of the documentary, Lesbian Grandmothers from Mars: One Couple's Journey to Marriage Equality.  




Families With Children Experience Greater Risks






Because gay and lesbian parents may not be eligible to adopt their partnerís child as a second parent, children are vulnerable to the loss of both parents when their biological parent dies.

Children of gay and lesbian partners are not eligible for coverage under a second parent's health insurance.  Thus, if an uninsured child becomes ill, the financial consequences on the family may be devastating.

When a second parent dies or becomes disabled, his or her children may not be eligible to receive disability or death benefits.

Gay and lesbian parents, whether they are a biological or second parent, may lose custody and/or visitation of their children for no reason other than their sexual orientation.  

When the parents split up, children are at risk of losing financial and emotional support from their non-biological parent.

Children of gay or lesbian parents are ridiculed in school and on the playground producing shame and self-hatred.

Gay men and lesbians lose and are denied jobs, housing, children and the love and support of their extended family. 

Government Sanctioned Discrimination encourages violence toward LGBTQ People

The murder of Matthew Shepherd represents an extreme example of what can happen when people feel justified -- by society, religion and the government -- to "dispose" of or "punish" gay men, lesbians and other LGBTQ people because we are deemed "immoral." 

Anyone who has ever experienced discrimination by a dominant group knows how oppressive it can be.  Think about the book 'Lord of the Flies' and you get the drift.

Gay men and lesbians suffer physical and emotional harm from depraved people who have societal support  to behave violently toward a vulnerable minority.

As the LGBT community struggles for equal civil marriage rights to protect their families, keep in mind that the benefits they seek are the same benefits as those currently available to every other American citizen and that those benefits are paid for, in part, by gay and lesbian tax dollars.






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